Notable Collections


The June L.Mazer Lesbian Archives is dedicated exclusively to preserving lesbian AND FEMINIST history.

The Archives is committed to gathering and preserving materials by and about lesbians and feminists of all classes, ethnicities, races and experiences.

Included are personal letters and scrapbooks, artwork, manuscripts, books, records, newspapers, magazines, photographs, videotapes, flyers, papers of lesbian and feminist organizations, private papers, and even clothing, such as softball uniforms from the 1940s and 50s.

Some of our significant collections include materials received from:
• The women of the West Coast Lesbian Collections for starting the preservation of our history and passing along materials from lesbians such as Marion Zimmer Bradley and Ruth Reid.
Bunny Mac Culloch
June Mazer – personal writings, ephemera, as well as her publications and clippings
Lillian Faderman – correspondence and papers
• Judy Freespirit – personal papers
• Barbara Greer – collection of Lesbian, Gay & Women’s Publications
• Naiad Press – a copy of each publication
• Diana Press – organizational papers
• Daughters of Bilitis – organizational papers
Southern California Women for Understanding – organizational papers
Connexxus Women’s Center/Centro de Mujeres – organizational papers
• Los Angeles Women’s Community Chorus – organizational papers & music
Margaret Cruikshank – working papers
• Diane Germain - artwork & personal papers
• Margaret A.Porter
• Ester Bentley – memorabilia & personal papers
• Terri de la Pena – personal papers
• Wolfe Video – videos
• Ardy Tibby – memorabilia
• Sharon Siegel – personal papers
• Marie Cartier – personal papers
• Mickey Spencer – Broomstick organizational papers
• Jinx Beers & Alicia Austin - pulps
• Paradigm Records – LPs
• Dani Adams - WAVAW (Women Against Violence Against Women) organizational papers
• Tee Corine – artwork & published books
• Pat Nordell – personal materials
• Degania Golove – lesbian studies research
• Christine Burton – Book Collection
• Mary Rudd – softball uniforms (1940s, 1950s & 1960s)
• Barbara Mac Donald – personal papers
• Cynthia Rich – personal papers
Colonel (r) Margarethe Cammermeyer – personal papers
Bev Hickock - personal papers and photos
• J D Disalvatore – personal papers and photos
• Michele Kort
Sherry Neterland
Rita C. Gonzales
•Christy Amschler

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All other times by appointment.

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