Bunny Mac Culloch


Bunny Mac Culloch was a life long lesbian. She was known for being dedicated to the Mazer Archives. She and June Mazer held the the Archives in their home in Altadena from 1986-1989. In 1989 it was moved into it’s current space in West Hollywood and later that same year Bunny died of cancer.  

Bunny was willing to go to any lesbian’s home and clear out their closet ( literally) in order to keep from losing lesbian history.  She advertised this service to lesbians all over Southern California in the 80’s on IMRU Radio, the long time Gay & Lesbian Radio station on KPFK .

She recruited many volunteers who she called Elves.  It has been said that she appreciated the elves very much and she guided them into taking over the Archives after she was gone. This included making a recording in her last days about her wishes for the future of the Archives.