June L. Mazer


June L. Mazer (LEFT) seen here with Bunny Mac Culloch, was born in Baltimore, MD in 1929. Her educational experiences combined with her tenure at the Children’s Experimental Theatre in Baltimore, the Center for the Healing Arts in Los Angeles, and the California Institute of Psychodrama in Los Angeles led her to the practice of Psychodrama Therapy at several different medical institutions throughout the country. In 1970, she moved to Los Angeles and soon became active in the lesbian activist community. After her death in 1987, the name of the West Coast Lesbian Collections was changed to the June L. Mazer Archives to commemorate her commitment to lesbian activism and historical preservation. The June L. Mazer papers include her personal writings, ephemera, as well as her publications and clippings.

June Mazer was a member of S.C.W.U.  (Southern California Women for Understanding) and she met her partner Bunny Mac Culloch there.  Together they worked on the S.C.W.U. Newsletter and were both very involved in the organization for the rest of their lives.

June wrote many journals one of note is after getting cancer for the second time she writes about how “lucky” she feels because she has so much support (from her friends in S.C.W.U ) compared to her gay male friends who contracted AIDS.  June died of cancer in 1987.