A New Way to Donate To The Mazer When You Shop Online At Amazon SMILE!

September 5, 2014

Good News! Another way to donate to Mazer Lesbian Archives that won’t directly cost YOU any money!  The June Mazer Lesbian archives has partnered with the Amazon Smile program to accept donations every time you shop at Amazon! You can use you existing Amazon account. It’s easy!     HOW IT WORKS First you sign…

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Great Day With Terry Wolverton at the Mazer!

July 9, 2014
Great Day With Terry Wolverton at the Mazer!

Everyone was very impressed with how much we learned about writing and about our own writing from Terry Wolverton’s Workshop Today! http://www.writersatwork.com/           WRITING OUR LIVES   (EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN’T WRITE) Mazer Lesbian Archives is proud to present A…

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Join Us For Outfest 2014 Screening of “REGARDING SUSAN SONTAG” July 12

July 3, 2014

The June L. Mazer Lesbian Archives is thrilled to be partnering with Outfest in screening REGARDING SUSAN SONTAG as part of the upcoming Outfest Los Angeles.   REGARDING SUSAN SONTAG is an intimate view of one of the most provocative thinkers of the 20th century.…

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Veronica Reyes’ Chopper! Chopper! Is a charming read!

August 26, 2014

Chopper! Chopper! reflects the lives of Mexican Americans, immigrants, Chicanas/os, and la jotería—malfloras, jotos, and beautiful rainbow communities. As vividly as Mexican Technicolor, these poems capture life in the barrio: vendors hauling carts with elote, raspados, botes y más. Vatos fighting to exist. Mujeres claiming space.…

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June Mazer Event and Archives Tour/Monday June 30th at 6:30pm

June 20, 2014
Last Bastion card to use for edoc for event300dpi

Mazer Tours and One Gallery Exhibit will happen after the event at the Library

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