Help us show the world the Mazer. The Mazer will present with UCLA at the 2016 ALMS Conference in London.


The Mazer is presenting at the ALMS Conference with UCLA Library in London during PRIDE Month this summer. You can help us share our Lesbian & Feminist Herstory with the world! 
Show your lesbian pride and make a donation today.  In return, we will give you constant and detailed coverage at the conference (including photos) and ending with the weekend at the London Pride Parade!
If we can get 200 proud lesbians to donate just $10 each we will reach our goal of $2000 by the deadline of Sunday, June 12, 2016
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The Mazer collection: Grassroots Questions for an Institutional archive (UCLA)

Angela Brinskele (June Mazer Lesbian Archives, LA) and Sharon E. Farb (UCLA Library, California, USA)

Dozens of collections have deeds that pre-date the Internet. How do we do whats best for these collections today?  What is the best way to handle a collection that has no documentation (orphan collections)?  How do we handle password protected collections and what privacy /confidentiality and right to be forgotten issues do they raise?  What and how can we collect in the digital age?
There are questions the Mazer and UCLA have explored together.

Please join us to hear the answers we came up with, to offer your suggestions and most importantly, to ask your questions so we can seek solutions together.

Check out the ALMS 2016 in London facebook page by clicking here.

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