News from the Mazer! December 2016

Dear Friend,                                                                         December 2016

The Mazer is growing thanks to your support!

Many of you have been with us for our nearly 30 years in L.A., and have helped us every step of the way. Whether you are new to the Mazer or a longtime friend, we have good news to share: Thanks to the City of West Hollywood our building is getting an extreme make-over.  Our feminist and lesbian history will live in a more nurturing space for everyone who visits. With new facilities, technology in place and an elevator, the Mazer will be accessible to all!

 Our collection is growing, too!

Angela Brinskele, Mazer Communications Director, continues to add to our Mazer oral history project, and next up on her list is Jean Conger who you may remember from S.C.W.U. (Southern California Women for Understanding).  Also, we just received a major donation of materials from Lillian Faderman that includes interviews with over one hundred community lesbians!





Lillian Faderman Photo by Donn R. Nottage


The Mazer is continuing our collaborations worldwide. 

We have been exploring possible projects with the Ohio Lesbian Archives, Lesbian Herstory Archives, UCLA, Our Bodies Ourselves, the City of West Hollywood and the West Hollywood Library. We have established relationships with the London Metropolitan Archives, the Berlin Lesbian Archives (Spinnboden) and IHLIA (Amsterdam Archives).  We are building on these incredible connections, and to hope to have even more international collaborations in the future.  ang-and-sabine-photo2016-alms-3x1-19

With your gift today we will:

  • Refill Our New Space

Move 1,000 boxes back into the Werle Building, as well as hundreds of posters, buttons, tee-shirts and other artifacts, and get all of the materials ready for your use.


  • Showcase Lesbians and Feminists

Coming soon!  A gathering of lesbian authors at a local coffee house.

  • Celebrate Sisterhood

You’re invited to join us for our grand reopening in 2017 (TBD).  Come celebrate with us, as we recreate the feel and experience of Sisterhood Bookstore together.


 Support the Mazer Lesbian Archives as we move into the future.

Your gift helps us with the Mazer’s daily work, events, preservation and outreach. It also ensures that our lesbian and feminist history is recorded, saved and celebrated.

Help us grow into a new future – and our new space – with your gift today!


We are wishing you a wonderful new year as we embark on the Mazer’s next adventure,


The June L. Mazer Lesbian Archives Executive Board


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