The Features section contains articles, stories and blogs from notable lesbians who share their unique perspectives on various topics from the current state of lesbian culture to their own personal histories. Enjoy this regular feature section and bookmark it to get the latest stories, blog links and more.

    • True Life Lesbian Adventures
      True Life Lesbian Adventures is a feature by Carolyn Weathers, a recently-retired librarian with the Los Angeles Public Library, and a writer.  Carolyn has written and donated for publication on our website, seven articles about her life as a Lesbian and as a woman who came to Los Angeles as a young woman and became an enthusiastic participant in the pre-Stonewall bar scene, a  seasoned Lesbian activist, a librarian by trade and accomplished writer.
    • True Life Oral History Project
      The True Life Oral History Project is a project of the June Mazer Archives where the lives of Lesbians are preserved by video. Our project is growing and continues to captures the stories, emotions and experiences of women who have loved other women.
    • Mazer Blog
      The Mazer Blog is updated by Angela Brinskele highlighting events at the Mazer and subjects of interest to lesbians and feminist women as well as the LGBT community.
    • Book of the Month
      Each month,we highlight the published works of Lesbians. Please feel free to email us some of your favorite lesbian or feminist books at
    • Videos
      Watch our videos that tell you what we do, who we are and the events that we have presented at the Mazer Archives.

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