Ways You Can Donate



I. Volunteer Your Time-Energy-Expertise

The June L. Mazer Lesbian Archives is a 501(c)(3) non-profit which is run by volunteers. And volunteers are essential. The easiest way to get acquainted is to drop in for an event. These are held once a month on the first Sunday afternoon.

See our events schedule under Mazer Events, here.
Activities vary depending on what obligations must be met, and upon the current projects the Mazer is involved in. Typically a working afternoon is spent sorting through donations to separate duplicates from new items to be cataloged.
Working volunteers help with special events planning and preparations, photographing objects for display, and similar activities.A second way to get involved is to sit in on one of our monthly Mazer Board Meetings.

More on Volunteering….

 Other ways to get involved as a Volunteer:• Help plan community events. We try to do 2-3 community outreach events a year, and the focus depends on the interests and passion of those involved.

• Help us network with Lesbian and Feminist organizations, groups or specific projects.• Dream up a Lesbian History Preservation idea and present it to the Board. We are always open to hearing ideas from individuals in the community, and we love to have new people and their enthusiasm come and contribute to the Mazer. It is through the richness of diversity of our volunteers, as well as our materials, that we grow as an organization.

II. Money Donations
Money is another essential ingredient in the survival of the June Mazer Lesbian Archives. Don’t despair if you can’t give us a million dollars today. Each gift, even small ones, helps us better serve the community as a whole.

Here are a few ways to financially ensure our lesbian and feminist history is never lost or stolen again.

If you can afford to make a one-time financial gift now, please feel free to do so. Mail check or money orders to:

Mazer Archives
P.O. Box 691866
West Hollywood CA 90069-8866Or, you can pay on the web using either of our two providers below.

Donate by PayPal – 100% Trusted

The Archives is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. A number of individuals make small monthly donations, which over time add up to quite a significant yearly contribution. (i.e. $15 a month becomes $180 a year)

III. Free Ways To Donate Simply Via Every Day Activities

You can donate without giving to us directly through simple everyday activities such as grocery shopping and searching or even, shopping online.

We have partnered with several websites that will donate a percentage of whatever activity you engage in. All you have to do is sign up with these sites and select us as your charity of preference.

Please learn more at Three Free Ways to donate to the Mazer.

IV. Planned Giving Through Wills and Trusts
Your ongoing donations to the Mazer Archives are vital to keeping our doors open and maintaining the archival material. And yet your support through wills and Living Trusts are the insurance (no pun intended) that the Mazer Archives will be properly funded in future years. Both donations are vital and needed. Both kinds of donations allow us to continue archiving and maintaining the lives of lesbians for future generations and the present to enjoy.

V. Host a Mazer House PartyInvite your friends over for light refreshments, and an afternoon or evening of sharing personal stories. Mazer volunteers will bring a sample of the materials in the collection and give a brief presentation. At the end of the party you can pass the “hat” to make a collective donation (or individual gifts) to the Mazer. House parties are a wonderful way to have fun as well as financial support the work of the Mazer.

VI. Shop Our Store

We sell physical items to support the Mazer at our online store. Every purchase you make is a donation to the Mazer Archives.  Shop our online store, here.

VII. Donate Items to Raffle

We always are in need items to raffle off at our monthly and special events.

We’ll gladly receive all kinds of NEW and UN-Used items that you might have received as a gift but don’t really want or need or someone gave you and you have no use for.

We’ll take Gift Certificates for the raffle as well.

The more NEW and Un-used items or gift certificates, the more we will have for our events throughout the year.

Please see more about donating through re-gifting here.

VIII. Donating Your Items And Material To Be Added As A  Collection
Everything in the Mazer has been donated. We are always looking to expand the collection. Please consider donating, especially unique, one-of-a-kind items such as: letters, diaries, photos, home videos and other materials that will tell our unpublished story to future generations.

When you make a donation be sure to get a “Deed of Gift” form from us. This tells us how you want your collection stored and referenced within our archive. You can have one sent to you via email as well as snail mail!

Before donating any items to the Mazer, we ask that you first contact us by snail mail, email or phone to ensure the safety of your items.

Mazer Archives
P.O. Box 691866
West Hollywood CA 90069-8866
(310) 659-2478