Special Thanks

The June Mazer Lesbian Archives exists and survives because ordinary people donate time, effort, money and materials. As an all volunteer non-profit organization the Mazer Archives is especially grateful for support from the following:

• The City of West Hollywood for continuing to provide rent-free space

• The Liberty Hill Foundation for grants to professionally catalogue and archive our holdings
• California Community Foundation for preservation & exhibition of softball uniforms from the 1940s & 1950s
• The Durfee Foundation for offering us a grant to create this new web site which provides computer access to our holdings and information on the Archives
• The Liberty Hill Foundation for providing a shared grant to the Mazer and the One Institute to present community forums based on historical materials inventoried in previously unopened boxes of donated materials.
Financial Gifts Received from Organizations:
• Christopher Street West
• Southern California Women for Understanding L.A. Chapter
• Southern California Women for Understanding Ventura Chapter

Memorial, Estate & Legacy Gifts:

– Gifts received in memory of:
• Don Brewster
• Sally Armstrong
• Kay Gardner

– Gifts received from the estates of:
• Bunny MacCulloch Trust
• Donna May Smith Trust
• Estate of Judy Tupac
• Estate of Barbara MacDonald
• Estate of Susan Brilliant
–Legacy gifts from:
• Connexxus Women’s Center/Centro De Mujeres
• L. Dianne Anderson Trust

Thank you to all of our individual donors who have contributed.

We are attempting to acknowledge all of our major donors. If you notice an omission please contact us.

Material: Significant Collections received from:

• The women of the West Coast Lesbian Collections for starting the preservation of our history and passing along materials from lesbians such as Marion Zimmer Bradley and Ruth Reid
Lillian Faderman – correspondence and papers
• Judy Freespirit – personal papers
• Barbara Greer – collection of Lesbian, Gay & Women’s Publications
• Naiad Press – a copy of each publication
• Diana Press – organizational papers
• Daughters of Bilitis – organizational papers
Southern California Women for Understanding – organizational papers
Connexxus Women’s Center/Centro de Mujeres – organizational papers
• Los Angeles Women’s Community Chorus – organizational papers & music
Margaret Cruikshank – working papers
• Diane Germain-artwork & personal papers
• William Moritz – papers, diaries & letters from Margaret Ann Porter
• Ester Bentley – memorabilia & personal papers
• Terri de la Pena – personal papers
• Wolfe Video – videos
• Ardy Tibby – memorabilia
• Sharon Siegel – personal papers
• Marie Cartier – personal papers
• Mickey Spencer – Broomstick organizational papers
• Jinx Beers & Alicia Austin-pulps
• Paradigm Records – LPs
• Dani Adams-WAVAW (Women Against Violence Against Women) organizational papers
• Tee Corine – artwork & published books
• Pat Nordell – personal materials
• Degania Golove – lesbian studies research
• Christine Burton – Book Collection
• Mary Rudd – softball uniforms (1940s, 1950s & 1960s)
• Barbara Macdonald – personal papers
• Cynthia Rich – personal papers

Time donated by the Board of Directors and other key volunteers to keep the organization going, and continue the outreach for the Mazer Lesbian Archives including:
• Opening the collection to the public
• Processing materials as they are donated
• Moving lots and lots of heavy boxes from one place to another
• Donating garages for remote storage and move items back and forth to the West Hollywood site
• Planning and executing special events (Dykeuttante Ball, Community Readings, Outreach Panels and Forums)
• Representing the Archives at community events
• Keeping our financial records in good order
• Maintaining and updating our mailing lists
• Updating our database of holdings
• Writing grants and reporting on grants received
• Maintaining our website

Those of us who have been actively involved in the Mazer Lesbian Archives for many years believe that it is up to lesbians and feminists to help collect and preserve our own history. Some of us are downright passionate in the belief that we can not depend on public libraries or private universities if we want today’s young and emerging lesbians to know that they are not one of a kind (maybe “alone”) and to understand how much hard work it takes to create real and lasting change. In order to have a history that supports new lesbian dreams for the future and encourages their process of coming out and coming into their own, we need to collect and preserve this history, give funds and time to catalogue and safely archive it, and find even better ways to make it more accessible to all.

Please consider donating your time and energy, money (now or in the future), personal papers, photos, videos and other materials that will help define the essence of today’s lesbian community.

Before donating any items to the Mazer, we ask that you first contact us by snail mail, email or phone to ensure safe delivery of your items.

Mazer Archives
P.O. Box 691866
West Hollywood CA 90069-8866
(310) 659-2478

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