Free Ways to Donate To The Mazer Lesbian Archives

Donations are the lifeblood of a non-profit such as the June L  Mazer Lebian Archives and we have provided three different ways that donations can come to simply by using everyday activities such as shopping for groceries and searching or shopping online. Please check out the different ways you can help out without any expenses to yourself!

Three (3) Free Ways to Donate

I. Don’t use Google! Instead, Search Online with and We Will Receive Donations!


II.  Shop Online with the Amazon Smile Program

smilelogoShop online at  and every time you make a purchase, Amazon forwards 0.5% of the total purchase amount to us.

It’s easy to do!

1) Go to and log in with your regular account. If you don’t have one yet, simply register.

2) Select June Mazer Lesbian Archives as the charity that you want to support through your Amazon purchases.

3) Bookmark so that every time you want to shop Amazon, the donation will go to us. All the products that are on the main Amazon account are also on Smile Amazon so you are not missing out and  it is not costing you anything to donate to us!

It’s pretty easy but if you want more detailed instructions, please click here.

III. Shop Ralph’s Grocery

Do you have a Ralphs card? If you print the flyer below and simply hand it to a cashier at Ralphs, they will scan it and the Mazer will get money every time you shop!  So please print out the flyer below and take it to your Ralphs today or sign up online by clicking here and type Mazer Archives into the Charity box.



If you prefer this flyer sent to you via email just let us know at email180white175

Thanks for considering us an important non-profit for your donations!

And for all the many other ways you can Donate,  CLICK HERE!