Book of Month

Every month we review a book for, by or about Lesbians. Enjoy!

The Gaffer by Celeste Gainey

the gaffer

  “In bursts of language, these poems tell the story of a girl who wants to grow up to be a man who grows up to be a gaffer, lighting the set of every movie you’ve ever loved. They swagger.…

Spheres of Disturbance by Amy Schutzer

Spheres of Disturbance book cover

Description: Helen is dying. Helen is choosing to die. Over the course of one day in 1985, those who surround her—among them her daughter, an art thief, a high-strung housewife and crochet artist, a lesbian poet, and a pregnant Vietnamese…

Veronica Reyes’ Chopper! Chopper! Is a charming read!


Chopper! Chopper! reflects the lives of Mexican Americans, immigrants, Chicanas/os, and la jotería—malfloras, jotos, and beautiful rainbow communities. As vividly as Mexican Technicolor, these poems capture life in the barrio: vendors hauling carts with elote, raspados, botes y más. Vatos fighting…