A New Way to Donate To The Mazer When You Shop Online At Amazon SMILE!

Good News! Another way to donate to the Mazer Lesbian Archives that won’t directly cost YOU any money!


 The June Mazer Lesbian archives has partnered with the Amazon Smile program to accept donations every time you shop at Amazon! You can use you existing Amazon account. It’s easy!




First you sign up at the Amazon Smile website (see directions below). Then, every time you purchase something through the Smile site, we will receive 0.5% of the price purchases- at no cost to you! This all happens behind the scenes and the money comes from Amazon to us.

The products on the Amazon Smile site are exactly the same as on the main Amazon site!


All you need to do is go to smile.amazon.com and you will be prompted to sign in. Just use your existing account login for Amazon.com (no need to create a new account unless you have never shopped on Amazon before). Once you are logged into Smile.Amazon.com,  you will be prompted to sign up to a charity. Pick the Mazer Lesbian Archives and our charity is tagged to your Amazon account. You won’t have to pick us every time you login.

REMINDER: Once you do select us as your charitable organization, you will need to log into smile.amazon.com every time to ensure we always get your purchase donation, so please be sure to Bookmark It!  You can be sure you are in the right place, by looking along the top left of your screen where you should see the info that says you are supporting the Mazer Archives (see sample below).



If you forget to go to the Smile location, Amazon will remind you and you can just click the reminder pop-up.  It will take you directly to Amazon Smile without having to log in again.

We appreciate your donations!   If you want other ways to donate by shopping or even by searching online,  please click here for Three Free Ways To Donate. Thanks!

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